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Transition Year

Transition Year Mission Statement

The Transition Year Programme in Our Lady’s College promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of our students. Our aim is to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.




What is Transition Year?

It is a unique one-year Programme for students who have completed the Junior Certificate.  It provides a bridge to enable them to make the transition from the more dependent type of learning associated with the Junior Certificate to the more independent learning environment associated with the Senior Cycle. It encourages personal and social development and recognizes the need for students to grow in independence. Our Transition Year Programme fosters academic achievement as students prepare for their Leaving Certificate, further study and adult working life. It encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.


To give each student an opportunity to discover and develop their own individual gifts and strengths…to become more independent…to experience a year where the emphasis will be on individual responsibility and the nurturing of thinking, caring, articulate and self confident people.

To provide students with the skills and supports necessary to discover their own individual talents, aptitudes and abilities. To help them understand  and deve

lop their own educational needs  and skills necessary to cope successfully with their particular stage of development.


On conclusion of Transition Year each student should be able to work independently as well as cooperate with others in the overall learning process. The students will have gained an extra year to mature and develop as a member of society and been given the opportunity to gain an extra year in the core subjects of the overall curriculum.

Why Do Transition Year?

Some students decide to do TY because of their age, for example they may feel too young when they would be due to leave school, or they may feel they need an extra year to develop academically in one of the Core subjects in LC example English, Math’s Irish, French/German.

Other students may decide to do TY to help develop their self-esteem, confidence and maturity. TY helps to facilitate this through the outreach aspect or extra curricular activities. These include: Gaisce (The Presidents Award Scheme), voluntary work with disabled children, working with senior citizens, Enable Ireland. Etc.

Students also take part in Industrial work experience in which we place students for one week in a job of their choice. This helps them decide if this is the career option for them, and if it is then their LC subject choice helps them to take this a step further. TY helps students to take control of their learning process by encouraging them to ‘Learn how to learn’. Guiding students in their work and allowing them time to take part in projects and research achieves this. This can be of enormous value later in education as the student has matured in this learning process.

Students who do TY

TY students do better by an average of 32 points in the LC

Repeat students only gain by an average of 5 points

TYs considered more likely to be ‘Educationally Adventurous’

TY students settle in better in 5th Yr.


Extra Curricular content

  • Facebuddies
    This is an Integration programme run in conjunction with Ability West, Foroige and the school. Each Tuesday between 11am, and 1pm, the TY students will go to the Gaf youth café were they meet students from St Josephs Training Centre. These students all have intellectual disabilities ranging from Downs Syndrome, Autism etc. The two groups will work on topics such as drama, music, creative writing etc. All students will receive full training by Ability West prior to the commencement of the programme.
  • GAISCE: The President’s Award
    All students are registered to take part in the GAISCE Presidents Award Scheme. Students must take on four challenges in their lives and try to build on these over the year.
    There are 4 different challenge areas. To earn an award, you will need to participate in each of the 4 challenge areas. You might decide to build on an activity you’ve tried in the past. Each participant must participate in at least one new activity to earn an award.
    Our 4 challenge areas are:
    1. Community Involvement
    2. Personal Skill
    3. Physical Recreation
    4. Adventure Journey
  • Work Experience
    Students take part in two periods of Work Experience over the course of the year. The first is held in November with the second in April, both of which last for one week. The purpose of this is to give the students a sense of the world of work. They will find their own placement, carry out research and CV compilation.
  • Build a bank
    Through the business class the students will set up and run a Bank within the school. This will have all the components of a bank such as Manager, Secretary, Finance, Hr Manager etc..
  • Drama.
    Students perform a show on stage within the school. This can take many different forms, but the purpose is to help build up confidence and self-esteem through the art of amateur dramatics.

Delphi Adventure Centre, October 1st-3rd
Dublin, Overnight in January
Retreat in Esker Athenry, overnight
Aran Island Trip in May, overnight.
There are also day excursions throughout the year.


TY Subjects


Business Studies
Home Economics
Information Technology
Career Guidance




Each student is asked to pay €300 to cover the cost of all books, administration fees, trips and activities throughout the year.

This can be paid in one installment or three installments throughout the year.

Full payment by March 1st 2019

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TY Class of 2017 – “Dancing Queens” Show

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Delphi 2016

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Face Buddies

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