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Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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July 2020
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The aim of this Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that staff and students will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s computer and internet resources in a safe and effective manner. Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege. Therefore, if the school Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy is not adhered to this privilege may be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions imposed.

Before signing the permission slip, the Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy should be read carefully so that the conditions of use are accepted and understood.

The school will provide information on the following legislation relating to the use of the Internet with teachers, students and parents should familiarise themselves with:

  • Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003;
  • Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998;
  • Interception Act 1993;
  • Video Recordings Act 1989;
  • The Data Protection Act 1988.

The strategies employed by the school to maximise learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the Internet will include:

  • Student sessions will always be supervised by a teacher;
  • Filtering software used in order to minimise the risk of exposure to inappropriate material;
  • The school monitors Internet usage;
  • Students and staff will be provided with training in the area of Internet safety;
  • Uploading and downloading of non-approved software will not be permitted;
  • Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis;
  • The use of personal memory storing devices by students in the school requires a teacher’s permission. Sanctions for not adhering to this policy will include:
  1. Withdrawal of computer privileges (temporary or permanent);
  2. Confiscation of Internet devices;
  3. Other measures outlined in the Our Lady’s College, Galway’s Code of Behaviour and/or deemed appropriate by the Principal and/or Board of Management

The computer system in this school has been provided for an EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE. The term “educational purpose” includes classroom activities, career development and limited high quality self-discovery activities, such as project work and research.

The computer system has NOT been provided as a public access service or a public forum. The school has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post through the system. You are also expected to follow the rules set forth by the law in your use of the school computer system.

The school, in accordance with its responsibilities, has placed a content filter on internet access in the school. This filter is designed to protect students from harmful material as well preventing frivolous internet access during school time.

The following uses of the school computer system are considered unacceptable:

5.1 Personal Safety

You will not post personal contact information about yourself or other people.

Personal contact information includes any address, telephone, school address, work address, email address, etc.

You will not sign a “guest book” on a web page on behalf of Our Lady’s College Galway.

You will promptly disclose to the Principal or the Deputy Principal, any message you receive that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable.

5.2 Illegal Activities

You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the computer system or to any other computer system through the school computer system or go beyond your authorised access. This includes attempting to log on to another person’s account or accessing, or interfering with another person’s work or files.

You will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt any computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. These actions are illegal.

You will not use the computer system to engage in any other illegal act.

You will not attempt to bypass the internet filter. Any such attempt will result in immediate withdrawal of computer and internet facilities.

5.3 Inappropriate Language

Restrictions in the use of inappropriate language apply to public messages, private messages and material posted on Web pages.

You will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening or disrespectful language. You will not post information that could cause damage, danger, or disruption.

You will not engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory actions that distresses or annoys any person.

You will not knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organisation.

5.4 Email

Our Lady’s College, Galway provides every student and member of staff an email account. Use of this email account is for educational purposes only

5.5 Respect of Privacy

You will respect the confidentiality of any message sent to you privately. You will not post private information about another person.

You will not post pictures or photographs of other people without their permission.

5.6 Internet Chat

No access to chat rooms is permitted without permission i.e. Social Networking sites.

Discussion forums and other electronic communication forums will only be used for educational purposes and students will always be supervised. You will not agree to meet with someone you have met online.

5.7 School Website and Official Social Media Channels

Students will be given the opportunity to publish projects, artwork or school work on the World Wide Web in accordance with clear policies and approval processes regarding the content that can be loaded to the school’s website and official social media channels.

The website and official social media channels will be regularly checked to ensure that there is no content that compromises the safety of students or staff.

Students’ work will appear in an educational context on Web pages with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without express written permission.

The school will endeavor to use digital photographs, audio or video clips focusing on group activities. Students will continue to own the copyright on any work published.

5.8 Moodle/Other VLEs:

Our Lady’s College, Galway provides an online virtual learning environment for educational use, both within the school and from outside. All existing rules detailed in this policy apply to Moodle/VLEs, including, but not limited to; respecting privacy, inappropriate language and illegal activities.

5.9 Respecting Resource Limits

You will use the system only for educational and career development activities. 

As a student you will not download or upload large files, such as music, movies, television, etc, unless given permission to do so by a teacher.

You will not post chain letters or engage in “spamming”. Spamming is sending an annoying or unnecessary message to a large number of people.

5.10 Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

You will not plagiarise works that you find on the Internet. Plagiarism is taking the ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were your own.

You will respect the rights of copyright owners. Copyright infringements occur when you inappropriately reproduce a work that is protected by a copyright. If a work contains language that specifies appropriate use of that work, you should follow the expressed requirements. If you are unsure whether or not you can use a work, you should request permission from the copyright owner.

5.11 Personal Data

The school makes every effort to ensure the security of your data stored on school servers. This does not constitute a guarantee. Students and staff should backup any critical files including documents, photos and music.

The school will bear no responsibility for any data loss or any associated data recovery. The use of external storage or online storage for backup purposes is encouraged.

5.12 Internet Devices and Mobile Phones

At the discretion of the teacher and under supervision, students may be permitted to use a range of communications technologies, including internet devices and mobile phones, in the classroom or while participating in field trips/educational activities outside of the classroom.  All mobile phones and mobile internet devices must be switched off and on be left on the desk except on the class teacher’s instruction.  International Data Protection policies apply.

This policy will be appraised on a regular basis.

The inappropriate or illegal use of devices capable of accessing the Internet independent of the school’s Internet filter, i.e. mobile phones, tablet computers, USB internet dongles, is prohibited.

The inappropriate or illegal use of these devices can allow dangerous access to inappropriate and unsafe content on the Internet and can place student’s safety in danger.

5.13 Inappropriate Access to Material

You will not use the computer system to access material that is obscene (pornography) or that advocates illegal acts, violence or discrimination towards other people.

If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, you should immediately inform the Principal or Deputy Principal. This will protect you against a claim that you have intentionally violated this policy.

5.14 Photography and Video

You will not take photographs or film video of other students or members of staff without their permission. You will not post pictures or videos of other people without their permission.

You will promptly disclose to the Principal or the Deputy Principal, any photograph or video you feel is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable.

This Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy may be amended annually or as is deemed necessary by the school. A copy will be made available to all students and staff. It is the responsibility of the students and staff to ensure familiarity with the current Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

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