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We in Our Lady’s College Galway, in cooperation with parents/guardians, aim to foster and develop the unique potential of each student through the provision of a broad based educational experience in the Catholic tradition. In welcoming all, our focus is on educational excellence delivered in a safe and caring environment. Mutual respect, responsibility and belonging permeate all that we do enabling the holistic development of our students.

As part of this mission, Our Lady’s College, Galway has a Code of Behaviour which relates to all school activities. The Code is in keeping with the National Educational Welfare Board’s “Developing a Code of Behaviour: Guidelines for Schools” (2008).

The Code outlines the following three core parts:

1. School Rules & Expected Behaviour

2. Promoting Good Behaviour

3. Responses for Inappropriate Behaviour

In light of our Mission Statement the aim of the Code of Behaviour is to ensure that all the students attending Our Lady’s College Galway are actively encouraged to make a positive impact on the school community through positive behaviour. In our School, positive behaviour is considered to be a form of training, which empowers students to make appropriate choices in a supportive environment. It aims also to provide an orderly and safe environment in the school where the dignity and value of each individual is cherished, supported and acknowledged in such a way as to enable all students to reach their full potential academically and otherwise. Praise and positive consequences are seen as important by teachers in maintaining a good relationship with students.

The principles underpinning the Code ensure that Our Lady’s College:

Creates a positive and safe environment for teaching and learning which promotes positive relationships of mutual respect and support among students, parents and staff.

This is achieved through the school culture, policies, structures and support systems across the school.

Creates an environment that encourages and reinforces good behaviour. This is achieved through a whole-school approach which promotes good behaviour inside and outside the classes and models good behaviour everyday.

Ensures that the standard of behaviour expected is communicated to all involved so that everyone understands how to behave, has the skills to behave well and knows the impact of both good and inappropriate behaviour.

This is achieved through the regular teaching of the expected behaviour in curricular and co-curricular material and in the provision of a fair and consistent system of Rewards for Good Behaviour and Responses to Inappropriate Behaviour. Expectations of behaviour are communicated through the school journal, in class, during induction and are displayed throughout the school. All parents/guardians receive a copy of the Code which they are expected to read and sign on an annual basis. Adherence to the Admissions Policy and the Code of Behaviour is a condition of enrolment in Our Lady’s College.

Each member of the school community has a responsibility to promote good behaviour. In Our Lady’s College Galway, students, parents, teachers, staff, school management and the Board of Management all have a role to ensure the Code is upheld.

The Code will be reviewed after the initial 12 months to ensure it supports the school’s mission. Any amendments needed will be made and if they are in keeping with the general Ethos of the Code, a new version will be distributed to staff, parents and students. If the amendments required are substantial, a full audit will be conducted. As a core part of the school’s work, the Code of Behaviour should be reviewed every five years through a whole-
school approach using the Audit Guidelines from the NEWB or other method as deemed appropriate by the Board of Management.

Upon approval by the Board of Management;

  • All staff members and parents/guardians of registered students will receive a copy of the Code of Behaviour. A whole-staff workshop on the implementation of the Code will be held at the beginning of the school year
  • The code of behaviour and rules will appear in all school journals and parents/guardians and students must sign this each year
  • The Code of Behaviour will be available on the school website and any parent/guardian or staff member may request a written copy
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