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From September 2019 OLCG will operate on one campus only in Newtownsmith

Uniform Policy

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October 2021


  • A school uniform helps to create a better learning environment by promoting self – discipline and minimising distraction.
  • It makes all students equal and eliminates unhealthy competition and peer pressure to dress a certain way.
  •  A uniform gives students a sense of identity and belonging to the school community and encourages pride in the school.
  • It prepares young people for the world of work.
  • Our school uniform is cost effective, practical, comfortable and safe to wear in a school environment.
  • Wearing a school uniform represents a visible commitment to the rules and policies of Our Lady’s College, Galway.
  • Purple Crested Cotton V-necked Jumper
  • A white shirt (Revered Blouse/ Crested Polo Shirt)
  • Navy trousers or bespoke Tartan Skirt
  • Crested Soft Shell Jacket – Compulsory for Junior Students
  • Black tights/knee high socks
  • Black shoes with no markings or colour.

P.E./Sportswear is reserved for P.E. classes and sporting activities only.

Parents will be notified if there is a non-uniform day.

The school uniform is available at The National Schoolwear Centre and in other School Uniform outlets in the city.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the full school uniform as defined in the School Journal and above.
  • The school uniform reflects the sense of belonging to the school community and parity of esteem in which each individual is held. It must therefore be neat, clean and correctly worn at all times, including going to, within and returning from school.
  • Only school uniform items may be worn in school. Jeans, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, non-school based hoodies etc. or other non-uniform items are strictly forbidden.
  • Tasteful and discreet items of jewellery may be worn. For Health and Safety reasons, large hoop earrings, nose rings/studs, tongue, lip, eyebrow or other body pierced ornaments are not allowed. Jewellery that contravenes the Health and Safety rules of the school will be confiscated and returned to the student on Friday evening.
  • The wearing of makeup and hair colouring, whilst in school, is discouraged. Tasteful and discreet makeup may be worn but the school reserves the right to deem excessive application of makeup and hair colouring unacceptable on the grounds of neatness and appropriateness.

All students must present in full uniform each school day in order to be admitted to class. In the interests of fairness, this rule must be strictly implemented.

  • Ensure that their daughter comes to school in correct uniform and to support the school in implementing our Uniform Policy.
  • To properly enforce the Uniform Policy, the school is dependent on the support of the parents and guardians. It is neither possible nor practical for the school to operate exceptions to this policy, though we acknowledge that there will occasionally be genuine reasons why a student may arrive in school not wearing full uniform.
  • On such occasions parents and guardians are asked to notify the school in writing. If possible, on a one-off occasion, the school may lend students an item of uniform for the day which must be worn and on condition that it is returned washed and dried the following day.
  • Wear full uniform at all times in school and during selected school outings.
  • Obey all instructions from teachers/management in regard to school uniform.
  • Adhere to the schools uniform policy.
  • Ensure students are in full uniform in class.
  • Any uniform discrepancies to be reported to the office.
  • Implement policy on breach of uniform rules. In the event that a student comes to school without full uniform, the following procedures will apply:
  1.  The school will make reasonable efforts to contact the student’s parents or guardians.
  2. Parents/Guardians will be asked to come into the school with the correct
    uniform or to take their daughter home until such time as the uniform can be corrected.
  3. Students will be suspended from class until parents or guardians arrive.
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